Become a Patient

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Jul 06


To make it convenient for you, we have broken down the process of becoming a patient into 4 (or 5) easy steps:


Step 1: Read this entire website and write down any initial questions you may have for Dr.Thomas.


Step 2: Download our patient forms (click here). If you have cancer, there are additional forms to download (click here). Complete these forms and email or fax them back to us, along with a copy of any bloodwork done within the last 90 days only. 


Step 3: We will contact you to order comprehensive bloodwork to get an in-depth look at your true state of health (over 60 individual items are checked). This includes numerous blood tests that rarely ordered by your primary-care physician but are crucial for protecting your health and extending your life. This bloodwork can be done at the lab contracted with your insurance company (LabCorp or Quest). If you do not have insurance, we will use our contracted lab and the cost is $499. (Be sure to read “Regarding bloodwork” below.)


Step 4: After your bloodwork results arrive (usually within 7-10 days), we will contact you to schedule a health assessment and consultation. During this 2-hour visit, we measure all your vital signs, including blood pressure, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, body mass index, waist-to-height ratio, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, lung vital capacity, and grip strength. Dr. Thomas then sits down with you to go over your medical history, vital signs, and bloodwork results, as well as the results of a biological age calculator.


At the end of the visit, Dr. Thomas will summarize his findings, make treatment recommendations to address your specific health issues, and will answer all of your questions. You will leave with a clear understanding of your state of health. Most importantly, you will receive a written plan that is personalized to your unique biochemistry and designed to have the maximum impact your health and longevity. The cost for the 2-hour visit is $499. Follow-up visits are $249. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit or debit card, or CareCredit (click here).


Step 5 (optional): For those who desire even greater analysis of their health, the following lab tests can be added to the comprehensive bloodwork: a) neurotransmitters, b) cardiovascular disease risk panel, c) toxic metals, d) intestinal permeability, and e) oxidative stress. Why would someone have these additional tests done? The more information we have about your health, the better we can help you. The total cost of the additional tests is $1999. An extra 90 minutes is needed to review the results with you, so instead of a 2-hour consultation, we schedule a 3½-hour consultation (cost: $799). 


Regarding insurance and Medicare: We are a private-pay office and do not accept insurance nor participate with Medicare (click here to read about the fallacy of health insurance). This is because they only pay for the “standard of care.” At our office, you will receive state-of-the-art medical care that goes beyond the standard of care. From our unique expertise to the extensive time we spend with patients, we provide a premium level of medical care that is nearly impossible to find nowadays. However, if you have insurance with out-of-network benefits, or if you have an HSA (Health Savings Account), we will do our best to help you get reimbursed for some of your expenses by referring you to our outside medical billing service who can file a medical claim on your behalf.


Regarding bloodwork: We have seen a disturbing development with labs and insurance companies recently. Perhaps it is an unintended result of the Affordable Care Act, or perhaps it is greed on the part of the labs. In any event, lab prices have skyrocketed. As a result, insurance companies and Medicare have dramatically raised the out-of-pocket co-pay costs to patients. In some cases, they are not covering some of the tests at all, and the lab is sending patients bills for the full retail cost of those tests. Even if you have “really good” insurance, even if you have a low deductible, or even if you have Medicare and a decent supplemental insurance policy, the reality is, you will be paying more for bloodwork from now on. That’s the bad news.


Here’s the good news: We always put the needs of our patients first. So, to remedy the above situation, we have contracted with an Orlando-based lab to provide the same exact 60+ blood tests offered by LabCorp and Quest, but at a fraction of the cost. What would cost around $3500 without insurance at LabCorp or Quest (or $1500 out-of-pocket with insurance), we can get it done for $499 at our lab. You are welcome to use your lab, but the only guaranteed way to pay less and not have to worry about unpleasant financial surprises is to use our lab. Even with insurance or Medicare, you will pay less going through our lab and paying out of pocket. If you choose to use our contracted lab, please note that the $499 fee CANNOT be billed to your insurance company after you’ve had your lab work done.